Z-Line Belaire Glass L-Shaped Computer Desk Review

Since 1995, Z-line Designs Inc. has been providing its customers with elegant and extravagant furniture designs, which is the reason that Z-Line ranks among one of the top furniture brands in the market. Z-Line’s Belaire Glass L-Shaped Desk is one such handy, sleek, and stylish product by this manufacturer.

It can be placed at any empty corner of your home and it is especially ideal for you if you often arrange LAN gaming parties at your home, but don’t have big space available for it. It is the perfect companion to add comfort and fun to your gaming night. One can also place it in gaming clubs/shops to provide a very stylish and luxurious platform for playing digital games. To make the place cozier, you may as well place an overhead shelf of CDs and books which you often need, thus making it your perfect workplace or gaming desk.

Its frame is made up of a sturdy metal material and the welding joints have reinforced plates which ensure durability. The top coat is that of a black powder, which gives it a shiny and appealing finishing. This powder coat also prevents any kind of scratches. The tempered glass which is used on its desktop, slide-out keyboard tray, and the display shelf is 5mm-6mm thick and is made in China. This clear glass gives it a highly fashionable appearance.

Features of the desk:

The monitor shelf is slightly raised, which promotes a comfortable viewing experience.
The pull-out tray for keyboard optimizes the work space.
There is an interesting curved design on the steel frame which makes the computer desk unique in its design.
It is 60 inches wide, 24 inches deep and 37 inches high.
The instruction manual and the hardware which is required for assembly comes with the desk.
There is a limited lifetime warranty on it.
It weighs 96.45 lbs.

It is very sturdy, and it doesn’t shake or feel wobbly.
It provides a lot of work space; you can put even more than one desktop unit on it.
The glass panels add a touch of sophistication and can make a shabby room look classy within seconds.
For the price it comes for, the parts are of an amazing quality.

For some people, assembling it can be quite a challenge task. But this con can be overcome by reading and using the instruction manual properly.
If you want to keep the keyboard at the same place as the monitor, you will have to change the configuration of the keyboard tray.
This Belaire Glass gaming or computer Desk is definitely worth every penny. There’s an adequate disk space for a single person, and sometimes even two people can comfortably work on it. Combine it with an equally elegant sitting arrangement, and you are all ready with an amazing arrangement for working or gaming. We hope that this Z-line Belaire glass L-shaped gaming computer desk review helps you in finding the perfect computer desk for yourself, which gives you a memorable working experience.